Information on Amendment to the Act on Electronic Preservation System for Books and Documents Related to National Taxes in Japan



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As part of the 2021 tax reforms, the Japanese National Tax Agency has made amendments to the Act on Electronic Preservation System for Books and Documents related to National Taxes, and this will take effect on January 1st, 2022.

These drastic amendments are being made in order to improve productivity by digitization of accounting processes, promote remote work and improve bookkeeping methods through the utilization of cloud-based accounting software. Before the new regulations are enforced, and for further details, please refer to the National Tax Agency website (in Japanese only), Electronic Preservation System for Books and Documents.


Why Comprehensive Tax Advisory Might be Essential for Your Business

Over the last decade, Japan has introduced various measures to combat perceived tax avoidance by multinational enterprises. Putting the activities of global corporations under increased scrutiny, it has become imperative for businesses operating in Japan to apply a sufficient amount of precaution and due diligence to all things tax-related.

As well as this, the global tax landscape continues to evolve, with each nation updating its own policies to be aligned with current trade and foreign policies. Should entities fail to navigate both the obligations of their home countries and Japan’s complex tax requirements, the consequences can be severe.

All this is to say that having a comprehensive tax advisory to support your expansion or Japan market entry activities is essential. We explore this topic and how to find your own tax advisory.


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Implications of the Recent US and Japanese Tax Reforms on Japanese Corporations’ (Japanese Text Only)


この度、米国に子会社を有する日本企業あるいは今後米国への進出を検討する日本企業の税務・海外事業ご担当者様を対象に、税理士法人HLSグローバル及びHotta Liesenberg Saito LLP の主催による、「米国の税制改正に伴う日系企業が受ける影響及び実務対策」セミナーを開催させて頂きました。



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