Whether you are evaluating your plans for market entry, need help with incubation and operations, or looking for cross-border M&A and tax advisory, we can support all of your business requirements through a wide range of services. Our dedicated professionals will assess your needs, assist with strategic planning, and implement solutions to ensure that you accomplish your goals.

Business Consulting & Support

As your long-term business partner we are ready to support you by offering an extensive list of consulting services.

Examples of these services include:

Forensic Investigation and Establishment of Internal Controls

Our experienced bilingual professionals provide advice on establishing internal controls for deterrence, prevention and early detection of fraud, investigation of fraud and support any forensic investigation requirements. We can also assist with the planning and implementation of fraud prevention measures to prevent any recurrence in the future.

Business Improvements & IT Advisory Services

Through the use of outsourcing and the introduction of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, we assist our clients in eliminating inefficient business operations and activities. We provide one-stop advisory services that promote growth through business development and information systems.

Stock Valuation

We examine stock value, stock options, stock acquisition rights, convertible bonds, and intellectual property and provide the evaluation reports associated with M&A, corporate restructuring, and funding.

Due diligence

We investigate business assets, liabilities, profitability, off-the-book debt, and the tax risks of companies subject to mergers and acquisitions. The results of our financial due diligence enable our clients to make the most optimal decisions when it comes to M&A conditions as well as potential target valuations.

Financial and Managerial Accounting Advisory Services

We ensure that our clients comply with all cross-border accounting standards (Japan, U.S., Mexico, India, Germany, and IFRS). We ensure timely disclosure in order to utilize management data, including the introduction of managerial accounting reports and systems.

IPO Advisory

Our professionals provide comprehensive support for clients who aim to go public in domestic and overseas stock markets. We can support the development of business plans, advise on capital structuring, construct management systems, and generate the necessary documents for the filing of an IPO.