Tax Services

Our competitive advantage comes from our highly refined overseas tax consultation service which is made possible by our close relationship our overseas offices. HLS Global offers the highest quality services, which are guaranteed to meet the standards of any independent accountant audit and tax examination.

Additionally, we can offer all of our deliverables in both Japanese and English. We are capable of providing any necessary advisory services on transfer pricing and reorganization taxation from the viewpoint of national tax authorities.

Corporate Tax Return Services

In addition to domestic corporate tax return services, we also offer compliance services to foreign companies. We create the necessary bilingual statements that accompany any tax returns. We also author English-language documents that describe the structure and financial workings of Japanese subsidiaries to their foreign parent companies.

Tax Provision

We calculate income tax provisions timely and accurately, even during the busiest times of the year. We can prepare documents in both English and Japanese, including the tax calculation sheets, so that our clients can easily report back to their parent companies abroad. We can also handle direct queries from the parent companies of our clients.

Transfer Pricing

Through our global network, we assist our clients on various transfer pricing subjects such as risk assessment, planning, preparing transfer pricing documentations, tax inspection management, mutual consultation and obtaining APA (Advance Pricing Agreement / advance confirmation).

Tax Advisory

We provide advice on corporate tax, income tax, property tax, and more. To meet the needs of our clients, we draft memorandums ranging from e-mails to formal documents, in both Japanese and English. Additionally, we advise on taxes for overseas LLPs and LLCs, which are subject to guidelines that remain unclear in Japan.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

We provide timely, comprehensive income tax return services for our clients’ Japanese and non-Japanese employees. For non-Japanese employees, we can produce English-language documents that explain the content of their tax filings.

Tax Return Services in the U.S.

In cooperation with our U.S. offices, we can support to generate corporate, income, and sales tax returns in the United States of America.