Tax Services

Tax Services

Our competitive advantage when handling tax related Japan market entry services stems from our highly refined overseas tax consultation service and our close relationship with our network of international offices. HLS Global offers the highest quality tax services that are guaranteed to meet the standards of any independent accountant audit and tax examination.

Additionally, we can support our clients in their global expansion plans by offering all of our services in both Japanese and English, while delivering any necessary tax advisory services on transfer pricing and reorganization taxation based on our extensive knowledge of tax law in Japan.


Corporate Tax Return Services

In addition to our domestic tax services, we also offer corporate tax compliance services to foreign companies. Offering bilingual statements to accompany any necessary tax return documentation, we develop English-language documents that describe the structure and financial workings of Japanese subsidiaries, for the benefit of international parent companies.

Tax Accounting Services

Our holistic approach to accounting allows us to take into consideration the many moving parts of a robust Japan market entry strategy. Not only do we offer comprehensive support on tax audits, ongoing due diligence, and general accounting, but we do this with careful consideration of both Japanese and international standards and principles.

Tax Provision

We calculate income tax provisions timely and accurately, even during the busiest times of the year. Preparing documents in both English and Japanese, including tax calculation sheets, we help our clients and their employees understand and process all required tax services and documents so they can easily report to their parent companies overseas.

To ensure organizational alignment between multiple international branches and subsidiaries, we can also handle direct queries from parent companies on a number of tax-related issues. As a professional international tax services firm with a vast amount of experience in Japan market entry strategy, we aim to remove potential barriers for our clients to help them implement sustainable and tax-efficient processes that go beyond borders.

Transfer Pricing

To address complex and varied business challenges, we offer our clients various transfer pricing services such as risk assessment, planning, preparing transfer pricing documentation, tax inspection management, mutual consultation, and obtaining APA (Advance Pricing Agreement/advance confirmation).

As tax rules related to transfer pricing can be complex, we do our utmost to ensure our clients are able to overcome any and all transfer pricing obstacles, navigating Japan’s comprehensive tax regulations and policies to avoid penalties and minimize time resource wastage.


Tax Advisory Services

We provide advice on corporate tax, income tax, property tax, M&A tax, and more. To meet the needs of all our clients, we diligently handle communications and formal documentation in both Japanese and English, functioning as international tax accountants and advisors that bridge the gap between overseas LLPs and LLCs, and Japan’s tax regulations and policies.

Ultimately, we prevent tax laws and accounting challenges from keeping your business or subsidiaries reaching its true potential. Through our team of business and accounting advisors, skilled in establishing and supporting businesses in Japan, we’ll help you cover everything from paperwork processing to company reporting for tax-efficient operations in Japan.

Individual Tax Return Preparation

As well as company tax returns, we provide timely, comprehensive income tax services for our clients’ Japanese and non-Japanese employees. Where necessary, we’ll produce English-language documents that explain the contents of specific tax filings to aid with the individual income tax return process for foreigners.

Comprehensive Financial and Tax Advisory

To offer greater context to our clients when making important decisions for their business, we offer dedicated advisory services that include monthly, quarterly, and annual closing financial statement preparation support. Together with our ongoing consultation offerings, we work closely with our clients to develop long-term strategies for financial and tax accounting.

Tax Return Services in the U.S.

In cooperation with our U.S. offices, we are able to leverage our collective expertise and experience handling international tax services to support corporate, income, and sales tax returns in the United States of America.

Global Success Stories

We’ve helped clients throughout Europe, Asia, and the U.S. with our international tax services, such as examining and analyzing over five years of consumer tax information for a French Fragrance import business, and an accounting audit for a UK subsidiary in Japan.