Information on Expansion of the Special Provision for “Employment Adjustment Aid” due to the Corona (COVID-19) Epidemic

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Japan has expanded the application scope of the existing “Employment Adjustment Aid” due to the recent spread of the Corona (COVID-19) epidemic. This provision has been made to support business owners in order to maintain employment. This applies to those business owners who have been forced to ask employees to go on leave due to reduced business activities arising from the spread of the Corona (COVID-19) epidemic. This aid will be granted against expenses that the business owners have to bear towards the employee leave allowance costs.

Please find here a notice (in Japanese language only) from the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of Japan related to this “Employment Adjustment Aid”.

Since the application procedure for this aid is quite complex, please feel free to get in touch with our Labor and Social Insurance experts at

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